March 26, 2012


New grocery cart Kinects shopper and purchases

The potential shopping cart of the future will know your shopping list, follow you around, and check you out when you’re done.


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February 20, 2012



This awesome collaboration between the magical Zach Lieberman and the enchanting Olga Bell combines Open Frameworks, a Kinect, video-projections and one of the best songs from her new album Diamonite. Watch it!

Wonderful collaboration between interactive artist Zach Lieberman (PopTech 2009) and musician Olga Bell. 

This is a fabulous piece of interactive art using movement, face detection, and music to great effect. I love the use of light projection to turn the singer’s face into a canvas. My favorite are the white dots that swarm around her mouth and eyes. I particularly like the moment at 2:43 when she tosses her head casually, as if to adjust her hair, and all of the dots disperse and rearrange themselves.

February 9, 2012

Comic Kinect: for all those who wish life was a comic book from Maya Irvine on Vimeo.


Finally, you can fight like a comic book character.

The video is adorable and the concept is very clever. Also I love anything that makes life more like a comic book.

(via pantslessoclock)

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